Automotive Finishing Booth

A Model of Excellance

Paragon Series

Paragon Series - Full Down Draft w/Mini Pit TM
(Fire suppression not Included) 

Price Other Models
$26,299.00 PARAGON Series - Modifiedl Down Draft w/o Pit
$29,399.00 PARAGON Series - Side Down Draft w/o Pit
$28,999.00 PARAGON Series - Full Down Draft - Pit by others
PARAGON Series Automotive System Booth Options Price
Vertical Outdoor AMU Discharge Duct per Foot $88
AMU Energy Saver Mode Assembly $750
Horizontal Outdoor AMU Roof Curb Only $505
Upgrade to Inside Access Light Fixture each $202
Open Type Four Tube Light Fixture each $250
Inside access Four Tube Light Fixture each $425
Add for Single Phase Power Upgrade for AMU $1,575
Drive Through $5,200

Paragon Series Automotive Spray Booths System Packages

Automotive Pressurized Paint Booths with Heater-Air Makeup Unit

Standard Paragon Series Booth Cabin Features:

Powder Coat White Finish, Nine Open Type Light Fixtures, One Outside Access Light Fixture, Exhaust Fan(s) with VFD, Exhaust Duct Work Package(s) for 15' Roof Height (excluding offsets), Roof Flange(s), and Damper Cap(s). Hinged Filter Racks, One Personnel Access Door with Window 3"W x 84"H, Solid Back Configuration, Double Wall Insulated Frontal, Three Wing Double Wall Insulated Vehicle Door(s) with Windows 10'W x 9'H.

Standard Paragon Series Air Make Up Features

Intake 10HP High Static Plug Fan with a CFM range from 8,000 to 12,600, 1.5 Million BTU Burner, Powder-Coat White, Digital Control Panel, Solenoid Valve, 5' of Discharge Duct, Intake Duct Package(s) for 15' Roof Height (excluding offsets) and Roof Flange(s)

Indoor or Outdoor Configurations
  • Vertical or Horizontal Configuration
  • Vertical includes Stand
  • Horizontal includes Inlet Hood

Additional Features
  • Vertical Indoor AMU next to booth
  • Inside dimensions 14'W x 9'H
  • Overall dimensions 16'4" x 11'2"
  • Add 4" for Overall Length
  • One 30" Fan - 3 or 5 HP Motor

Mini-PitTM Downdraft Plenum Standard Features
  • 4.5" High Basement with Ramp(s)
  • 15 HP High Static Plug Fan
  • Exhaust Box
  • Powder Coat White Casement
  • Galvanized Bar Grates
  • 1,600 lb. Point Load

Terms and Warranty: