Automotive Paint Booths by Paint Booth Technologies

Paint Booth Technologies provides automotive paint booths and auto body spray booths for your automotive paint and automotive detailing needs. Each automotive spray booth can paint plastic, metal, or any other material. Auto spray paint booths are a necessity for your great auto body paint shop.

Paint Booth Technologies Automotive Paint Booths are made with the highest quality & standards. We provide paint spray booths for the automotive industry. Whether your application is unique or standard, our paint booths will meet your requirements.

We offer a large variety of pre-engineered paint booths that are ready for immediate shipment and easy setup. From our small size paint booth that will be perfect to paint small parts to our automotive paint booth for cars, trucks and vans, our guarantee is that with careful engineering and strict attention to detail, we will provide you with the perfect booth for your business’ needs.

We also provide paint booth accessories, exhaust fans, and filters to compliment your new or current paint booth. Along with our booths we offer a complete line of compressors, clean air treatment, and breathing air systems. Please visit our accessories page and e-store to view prices and information on our paint booth exhaust fans, filters, compressors, and breathing air.

Our Classic Crossdraft Paint Booths are an efficient and economical solution for your automotive spray booth. By drawing air through the product doors and side panels, clean air is filtered through the booth and is exhausted through a filtered panel in the back of the paint booth. This paint booth is available in solid back, drive through, and reverse flow designs.

Our Semi Downdraft takes air from the upper level of the shop through a bank of filters in the ceiling of the paint booth and moves it to the back of the paint booth. It is then filtered through the exhaust system. Solid Back, Drive Through, and Reverse Flow Designs are available.

Semi Downdraft Booths

Semi Downdraft Booths


Without the expense of a pit, the Side Downdraft booth offers most benefits of a full downdraft. Air is drawn from the upper levels of the shop area and filtered down away from the product. Exhaust filters at floor level are on both sides of the booth. The Side Downdraft is available with a Solid Back or Drive Through design. It is equipped with an air supply plenum.

The Full Downdraft spray booths are popular with automotive applications as they bring air from ceiling intake filters and disperse clean, fresh air from the top of the booth to the bottom. The filtered air is drawn down and across the product through exhaust filters in the pit located in the floor. This provides efficient overspray control that reduces prep time and also provides a much healthier workplace environment.

Full Downdraft Booths

Full Downdraft


Mixing Room


Starting at $3,456

Mixing Rooms are built with durable construction that maximizes airflow distribution, your employees are protected from harmful vapors and toxins. Airflow is directed via the filtered air intake and exits through the exhaust stack. Air moves in a downward direction in a continuous flow providing optimal ventilation for personnel.  Paint mixing rooms also feature a lighting fixture for maximum visibility and efficiency.

Finishing Prep Station optimizes space and efficiency while providing a clean, safe and effective work environment. Our prep station uses a pressurization fan to bring in fresh air from upper levels into the prep station. The air is filtered through an exhaust plenum located at the back of the workstation and ultimately expelled outside through an exhaust fan.

Prep Station

Prep Station

$ 8,226.00