Why Lease

Why Lease?

1. You Keep A Competitive Edge

By acquiring the use of the latest technology to replace inefficient, obsolete equipment, you increase your organization’s operating efficiency, productivity and profits.

2. You Need No Down Payment

Leasing is the convenient and affordable alternative to purchasing. 100% “financing” makes leasing well suited to any budget.

3. You Preserve Bank Credit Lines

Retain flexibility and keep your bank credit lines available for other purposes. A lease may help you overcome the constraints of bank loan covenants by moving obligations “off balance sheet.” A lease line of credit provides a new source of liquidity.

4. You May Realize Tax Benefits

Your lease payments are usually 100% tax deductible as a business expense. The cost of leasing on an after-tax basis can be lower than owning.

5. You Improve Cash Flow And Working Capital

Maintain your cash position and increase your liquidity. Use your cash to improve your organization through research, training or in other ways.

6. You Get a Hedge Against Inflation

Acquire equipment at today’s prices, but make lease payments with tomorrow’s less expensive dollars.

7. You Avoid Capital Budget and Administrative Constraints

Bypass the long-range planning often required for capital equipment expenditures and use operating funds to satisfy lease payment obligations. Act more quickly to meet competitive challenges.

8. You Simplify Budgeting

Customize the frequency, size and duration of the lease payments to suit your capital and operating budget requirements.

About Leasing

Leasing has increasingly become the financing vehicle of choice for over 85% of American businesses, and 70% of Fortune 1000 companies. In 2000 alone, annual leasing volume in the United States exceeded $280 billion, over 30% of all capital investment in equipment.

One of the main reasons leasing is such a popular financing alternative for business centers is based on two key economic principles – scarcity and choice. Limited financial resources prevent most companies from taking advantage of every business opportunity. As a result, most businesses are forced to choose only the investments that yield the highest return. However, leasing frees up cash, enabling you to extend your scarce dollars for more investment alternatives.

When you need equipment, the general guiding rule is:

“If the asset appreciates, buy it. If it depreciates, lease it.”